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Get Involved Today & Help Our Children Survive!
  • St. Jude Iraq became established by Fr. Wisam Matti of Shelby Township after a trip to Iraq. Fr. Wisam Matti noticed that there was a great humanitarian need for children in Iraq.
  • As of March 1st, 2017, St. Jude Iraq sponsors 183 children in Baghdad, 27 in Alqoosh and 26 in Dahok. This number keeps growing and we need more support.
  • St. Jude Iraq sends over $30,000 in aid every month through our various projects.
  • Every member that serves on the board of the organization is a volunteer. There are no paid volunteers that serve on this organization.
  • We have multiple point in contacts based in Iraq to ensure that all donations are being received.
  • St. Jude Iraq pledges full transparency. If there are any questions regarding the operations of this organization, please fill out a “contact us” form and a member from the team will get to you as soon as possible.
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