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1 Year Old Gorges

Meet Gorges Ayed Gorges. Gorges is a 1 year 6 month old displaced toddler. He has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus. This means that Gorges has a build-up of fluid in his brain. He had a surgery where a shunt was placed. However, Gorges is in need of another surgery because there is a cyst that is causing pressure on an area in his brain.

The cost of Gorges’ surgery is $3,500. Saint Jude Iraq paid half the amount of the surgery, totaling $1,750. Thanks to various generous donors another $1,750 was raised to cover the rest of the cost of this beautiful child’s surgery.

The money was wired on August 19th, 2016. Updates on Gorges’ condition will follow after his surgery.


Gorges    Gorges


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