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Proud Advocate Linda George

Linda George is an Assyrian musician, church vocalist, actor, humanitarian and an ambassador. She works endlessly in all her fundraising events to be the voice of the voiceless and bring attention toward national issues that are not brought to light.

Since last November, Linda George has been a proud advocate and even a public spokesperson for St. Jude Iraq. In her visits to Iraq, she has met with children St. Jude Iraq sponsors and provides humanitarian assistance to. Going from village to village, Linda makes it imperative that she visits the children and examines their situations. “Speechless, heartbroken and hopeful” are some words to cover the surface of how Linda feels after visiting the children St. Jude Iraq helps.

We are so thankful for her support and her voice. Linda always says, “use me and abuse me”. Her humility with wanting to help no matter how busy she is, helps us understand that we need to be the voices of these children since they are currently unheard.

Visit her page on Instagram (@lindageorgeofficial) to see updates of when she makes trips to Iraq. Visit our page for all updates (@stjudeiraq).

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