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Our Mission

St. Jude Iraq is a nonprofit foundation bringing hope to internally displaced children of religious minorities in Iraq and refugees in diaspora. We bring hope to the suffering, sick, and homeless children who are the victims of war and persecutions.

Our vision is to help children through multiple ways

  • Food for hungry children (research, identify, contribute financially to organizations that serve the hungry)
  • Provide baby formula and diapers
  • Clothing drives for children including hats, gloves, coats, and baby blankets
  • Hygiene for children
  • Humanitarian relief for special needs and handicapped children
  • Medical relief and healing to the sick children
  • Health examinations and treatment support for children and youth
  • Research the challenges these children face and seek ways to resolve the challenge

“We need to encourage and support each child so that they can reach their full potential, in order to lead full lives that our God intended for us. “

We plan to bring joy, inspiration, and hope to all whom we work with.  We plan to forever change the village, community, country, lives and future of all the lives we touch through Saint Jude Iraq.

Our Mission

We have plenty of causes, missions and #goals we hope to achieve. Watch the video to learn more.

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