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Guest Speaking for St. Jude Iraq

In the month of May, board members and representatives from the organization, Feyha Younan and Noreen Mika were invited to speak at a couple schools to continue raising awareness and support for St. Jude Iraq.

Being honored as the keynote organization of the night, Feyha Younan successfully explained to parents and students of Sterling Heights High School(SHHS) what character, scholarship, leadership and service mean. The high school students of Sterling Heights High School embody the tenants of National Honor Society through their service and support to St. Jude Iraq. The students of SHHS organized and planned multiple fundraisers from bake sales to an Easter Eggstravaganza. Serving as proud leaders in a community that has all the tools to take action, the students have helped St. Jude Iraq empower the voiceless children of Iraq who are hidden behind war and persecution. Thank you to these students who took action when they were not asked, but simply wanted too.

Later on that week, Noreen Mika was invited to speak to 10th graders at Warren Mott High School. Simply communicating the message that life is more than grades and GPAs, life is full of human interaction help empower many of the students to go out into the community and find nonprofit organizations to volunteer for. Staff and the students were amazed by how much passion and dedication can truly drive the work of an individual.

The need in Iraq keeps growing day by day and so does the awareness. St. Jude Iraq will continue to raise awareness for the children in Iraq who don’t know where their voice and presence in this world will take them. These are the children who deserve a childhood and to be empowered. These children deserve to know that they can and will make a difference, despite anything they have been through.

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